Growth & Investment plays a central role in determining the region’s economic vitality.

Why is Growth & Investment in our communities important to the region?

As the state transitions to the new economy, community and place-based assets like high-tech infrastructure, supportive business policy and regulations, and unique, vibrant communities are needed to attract a diverse, skilled workforce that drives new investment and jobs with living wages.
All of Northwest Michigan’s communities play an irreplaceable role in the region’s economy and lifestyle. However, the region’s cities, villages, and urbanized townships known as Growth & Investment Areas play an especially unique and central part in regional economic development. These Growth & Investment Areas include Northwest Michigan’s largest concentrations of employment, housing, service, commercial, residential, and industrial uses; having, on average, twice the housing, employment, and population density as communities throughout the rest of the region. Together these areas account for 72% of the region’s population, 69% of its housing stock, and 91% of its jobs.

Gross Regional Product Growth Source: EMSI

Branch Bank Deposits Source: FDIC

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Links: A Framework for Growth & Investment in Northwest Michigan and A Framework for Talent in Northwest Michigan and the Growth & Investment Area Study